Online Casinos That Accept Skrill in USA

Few names in the online gaming industry have a history as long and as reputable as Skrill. Many payment processors have arrived since then. However, most only endure two years before going out of business for one reason or another, whether it is lengthy processing periods, excessive prices, or trust difficulties. On the other hand, Skrill (formerly Moneybookers) has not only endured throughout that period but has also grown to become one of the well-known brands when it comes to funding your account at an online casino.

What has contributed to Skrill's resilience? There are a lot of little considerations, but if you ask any online gambler, especially one who has been active for ten years or more, they will all repeat the same three points. Low costs. speedy processing. Reliability.

Many things have changed since 2022. There are more payment options than ever before, yet some online casinos just can't seem to fit Skrill in. We advise using a payment option like PayPal or making a deposit using your credit or debit card directly for such casinos. Skrill is still accepted by many online casinos, and in this post, we'll evaluate this well-known payment processor and talk about which USA-friendly online casinos do so.

Despite the fact that numerous online casinos accept Skrill, our professional team has identified the best five sites that do.

  • The finest online casino that takes Skrill is BetMGM Casino, according to the editor.
  • Excellent gaming selection at Caesars Casino. Before playing for real, anything may be tried out on a demo.
  • The best welcome bonus is at DraftKings Casino. Added to a $50 no-deposit casino bonus, the first deposit was matched dollar for dollar up to $2,000 in total.
  • Virgin Casino: If down for more than 24 hours, get $100 refunded.
  • The Borgata Casino is accessible in several US states. Users who enter the exclusive Borgata promo code GUSA will receive a $1,000 Skrill deposit match as well as a $20 no-deposit bonus.

Overview and History of Skrill Casino

In the UK, Skrill was first established in 2001 as Moneybookers. It was already considered as one of the top three e-wallets by 2005, together with Paypal and Neteller. After six more years, Moneybookers changed its name to Skrill. Skrill and Neteller mostly competed in Europe since Paypal focused on the North American market; however, in 2015, Optimal Payments (the parent company of Neteller) bought Skrill.

Optimal Payments chose to launch Skrill into the North American market so that there wouldn't be just one mega-power, where it has been going head-to-head with Paypal casinos. Despite the fact that Skrill continues to have a sizable user base, Paypal has mainly retained its dominance of the North American market.

Why don't USA casinos accept Skrill as they do Neteller?

This is a typical query from anybody who is familiar with the two payment processors, not only online casino players. There is an easy solution. In the US, Neteller casinos are unavailable.

Why can't Neteller be used in the US? Although an official explanation was never provided, the widely accepted idea holds that it was because Neteller was one of the most widely used payment processors allowing US residents to access online casinos back when it was still against the law. Neteller ran into difficulty as a result, and the US government was compelled to return more than $100 million in money. Despite not being prohibited, the Paysafe Group ultimately made the decision to leave and replace Skrill as its US payment supplier.

The average US citizen is unaffected by this, though, as Skrill and Neteller offer essentially identical functionality.

Similar Banking Techniques to Skrill Casino

Some online casinos might not accept Skrill as a form of payment. Despite the fact that Skrill cannot be used in its place, there are many alternative excellent payment processors.

  • Paypal was founded in 1998 and is arguably the most well-known e-wallet in the US. They haven't always provided their services to online casinos, but recently, this has been changing. Paypal and Skrill are both e-wallets that people may use as a barrier between their credit cards and online casinos, therefore Skrill fans will discover that Paypal and Skrill are extremely similar to each other.
  • Credit/Debit Card – While using your credit or debit card directly in the past could have been seen as naive, times have changed. Thanks to modern security standards, the days of credit card information being stolen by hackers and used for malicious reasons are swiftly disappearing. Direct purchases made with your credit or debit card are the fastest way to fund an online casino account, however they are still less secure.
  • Regardless of your mobile device, there's a good chance you can pay online using Google or Apple Pay. This technique combines the security of Paypal with the effectiveness of direct deposit with your credit/debit card, albeit it isn't as extensively used as Paypal or credit cards. Click or tap to see the top American Google Pay and Apple Pay casinos.
  • eChecks – In 2022, using a check to make a wager may appear quaint. These, on the other hand, are the ones that are transmitted electronically and do not require mailing. There isn't a better approach for people who prioritize security over all other considerations, even if it takes longer to set up than any other technique mentioned. Casinos also adore them. Users will be able to withdraw as well as make deposits using them. The deposit maximums might be restrictive for novice customers, which is the sole negative.
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