This kit can be used to convert your enclosure into many different configurations: For example:

1- Connection between two enclosures (one inside - one outside).
2- Connection between enclosure and litter module.
3- To a pet door in wall window or patio doors.

4- An elevated crossover to another kit module or high window.

NOTE: If the enclosure can butt up extremely close to a pet door (1.5 inches or less), you could simply use the Pet Door Access Panel. There would be no need for a tunnel assembly. Also, if you would rather order your enclosure without the measurements, we always call customers to review measurments, etc., upon recipt of the order.
select a panel
IF ordering tunnel attachment: What tunnel length? 3, 6, 12, 18, or 31 inches.
Carpeted re-enforced floor (Only necessary for an elevated walkway).
If you plan to attach the tunnel to another kit module (for example a litter module or another enclosure), you'll need a second special tunnel attachment panel:
We need a few measurements to customize pet access components to match your cat flap requirements:
INFORMATION ON CUSTOM TUNNELS: For requirements other than our standard tunnel listed on this page, please contact CatsOnDeck via eMail, or telephone.

eMail: -- Tel: 888-919-2287
Sliding Patio Door Window or Wall