We have so many comments we cannot possibly show them all. Here's a few for review.

Kimberly D, WA

Hi Jim, Here is my cat Ninja exploring her new catio! Took me about 90 min to put it together. What an awesome product. Thank you so much for your help with this purchase. I'll be contacting you in early 2018 regarding expansion of this catio.

Kevin & Laura, NY

We assembled the enclosure yesterday. You guys couldn't have made it easier! Everything packaged in an organized fashion and clearly marked. The online instructions were great. The quality is outstanding! Well worth the cost. The loft was a nice addition. The kitties love it. Eventually we will add a cat door to the window it sits next to and send a picture to see what we need to do to connect. Thanks

Judy P, State n/a
I have to say that your product is amazing.  The cats enjoyed it for almost 10 years and when I moved, because it was in perfect shape, I moved it to another state.  It is now assembled and the cats are using it again.  I’ll bet we will easily use it for another decade.  In addition to such a quality product, your responsiveness to questions and assistance is the best! .
Cathy H, California
I am so pleased with my new cat enclosure. Three of us put it together in 2 and a half hours. Three out of four of my cats took to the enclosure immediately. The fourth cat was upset by the enclosure until he realized he was not going to vet! Now he loves it too. Thank you for a well-made product.
Kama D, Arizona
I talk about your products to so many people... they don't understand why I would have an enclosure for my girls...then when they see how much my girls love their suite...they are quite impressed!! Thank you for making this great product and I LOVE THAT THEY ARE MADE IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA...much love and blessings!!
Jim A, Arizona
custom kit
Here are some photos with the views of the cat enclosure that you requested. We've finished putting it together, and it's working fine. We really love how it turned out, and you did a great job designing it to fit our space! Thanks.
Michael H, Arizona
Hello Jim, I'm sorry for the delay in getting these photos off to you. As you can see two of our cats (Marshawn and Sherman) are enjoying the lofty heights! They are brothers and never been exposed to the outside world but they have taken to this new adventure quite well! The larger of the two has lost weight from his new activities so that is a plus too! The Herman Cat Clan are a happy group! Thanks again for your excellent service and support! Very satisfied indeed!
Luara, New York
custom Kit
I wanted you to know that I received my order yesterday (ahead of schedule) and immediately began to put it together. Your detailed online instructions were amazing!! It made the process so easy and in a couple of hours it was done!! I put it together myself so it is quite a testimonial, not only to your wonderful instructions, but also to your well designed product. I bought the king tower and it came in 3 large bboxes that were all labeled clearly listing the contents within. It is clear to me that whoever developed the CatsOnDeck products attended to every detail. I will definitely recommend CatsOnDeck to my friends.
Liz, Missouri
custom Kit
I purchased my first cats on deck enclosure in 2008 and have added to it twice since that time. Now I have split the enclosure and place part of it on my front porch. So now we have a ‘boys only’ club house on the porch out front. This is a super product and so easy to change it into a different setup. I leave a window open all year long. Georgia (who has a heavy coat) loves to go out for 15 minutes when it is below freezing and see what is stirring. Stripes likes to sleep outside in the fall and spring and Hunter likes the early (3:30 am) hours to go out and check out what is going on outside. Me, I just love the fact that they can come and go at will and enjoy the outside when they want to. Again, thanks to Jim for all of his help over the years.
Jennifer H, California
Royal Suite
I wanted to let you know that the access panel has been a success. The cats now LOVE their new outdoor space. Its hard to get them to come in! Thanks for your help. Once we settle down and buy a house again, I'll be adding more space to my cats on deck. I hope you stay in business! I've attached a few photos for your website.
Carol O, California
custom Royal Suite
You have the best product in the universe - and you help cats to be happy! Doug is amazing and I was so grateful he took the time to set-up the cat house right! I told him he had to read the manual in detail and he did! I will definitely send you lots of pics of Bunny and Kitty in their new cat house once we are settled in! Today is the big move day - wish us luck.
Edith W, Alaska
Tower Of Meows
I've owned a "tower"(chosen because I lived in a climate too cold for pets to be outside much of the year) for many years and it has yet to show any "weathering". What a great product and the cats love it! I've just ordered the "deluxe" module to add and can't wait for it to arrive. I plan to enlarge further as budget allows. The product wears well, is easier than ever to set up and is easily portable; I just shipped mine from Alaska to Washington and the kitties are enjoying even more time outside. Thank you cats-on-deck for such a wonderful product; your customer service is amazing!
Jean H, California
Royal Suite
Cats on Deck is a phenomenal product!! Worth every penny, my Maui cats have a 'safe house' to play and relax outside, without the inherent dangers of the 'wild beasts' of the Lake Tahoe Mountains (our new home) getting to them! Coyotes, wolves, raccoons don't stand a chance of penetrating the innovative design and construction of the enclosure! This Royal model was actually pretty easy to put together, and I'll use it for years! The personal customer service ROCKED, too!!
Patrick A, Oklahoma
Tower Of Meows
I constructed the two kits and the 6 cats are very happy with them. So are the owners. Great construction. These should last for a very long time. Happy purrs and meows to the Cats On Deck team.
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