This kit can be used to convert your enclosure into many different configurations: For example:

1- Connection between two enclosures (one inside - one outside).
2- Connection between enclosure and litter module.
3- To a pet door in wall window or patio doors.

4- An elevated crossover to another kit module or high window.

NOTE: If the enclosure can butt up extremely close to a pet door (1.5 inches or less), you could simply use the Pet Door Access Panel. There would be no need for a tunnel assembly. Also, if you would rather order your enclosure without the measurements, we always call customers to review measurments, etc., upon recipt of the order.
select a panel
IF ordering tunnel attachment: What tunnel length? 3, 6, 12, 18, or 31 inches.
Carpeted tunnel floor (Only necessary for an elevated walkway).
If you plan to attach the tunnel to another kit module (for example a litter module or another enclosure), you'll need a second special tunnel attachment panel:
We need a few measurements to customize pet access components to match your cat flap requirements:
With the exception of the Tower of Meows (king), our primary average kit is 62 inches high. We can use a tunnel access into a window or extremely high pet door as long as the TOP of the pet door opening is no higher than 60 inches. If higher, you'll need a loft. In this case, place that measurement in selection "E" instead of "A".

In a high elevated situation, the access to the tunnel from inside the cage would be either a full shelf, or half shelf - depending on height.

Sliding Patio Door Window or Wall