Returns must be shipped to CatsOnDeck within 30 days of receipt for a refund. The kit must be shipped in its entirety inside FedEx acceptable packaging (see TIP below), and components have not been damaged, Any damaged cost may be deducted from refund. To initate a return and refund process, please call our toll free number:


Shipping charges are not refundable. NOTE: If your purchase resulted in FREE shipping, the shipping cost incurred by CatsOnDeck will be deducted from the refund! Because of our shipping volume, our cost is lower than standard published rates, so in the event of a return, we'll contact FedEx with a tag order to pick up. This way you won't be hit with the full retail charge of shipping on the return. They bring the labels, all you need is to have them packed and boxed.

TIP: If at all possible, save the CatsOnDeck boxes and stuffing for a week or two, in the event you decide to return the product. This makes packing a lot easier, and the components are less likely to be damaged during shipment.